Highly Scalable Application : Logic App, Cosmos DB and APIM

In this post, we will create a scalable registration application using Logic App and will store the data into the NoSQL database (Cosmos DB), after that will send the email notification. The application will be secure by Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication.

High-level step
  1. Create Logic App
  2. Create Cosmos DB and Collection
  3. Configure Logic App to write data to Cosmos DB.
  4. Configure Logic App to send email notianfication.
  5. Create APIM – multi reason
  6. Import Logic App to APIM

Create Logic App

Logic App is an Azure app service that helps to design and automate a business process, workflow, system integration, enterprise integration for both cloud and on-premises.  Here, we are going to create a Logic App application that will accept an http request from the user.

  1. Click All Services and search for Logic Apps, and click on it. In the new window click on Add Logic Apps.

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