Streamline your environment using Azure Blueprints

Author: Sakaldeep

February 20, 2019

Azure Blueprint is an Azure service which helps cloud architects to comply with standards and best practices.

Create a blueprint

1. Click All Services and search for Blueprints, and click on it. In the new window click on Blueprints. Then click on Blueprint definition and then on Create Blueprint.

2. There are some samples blueprints to get started. We will use Common Policies sample blueprint here.

3. Specify the parameters as below. Definition location is a subscription or multiple subscriptions. If you want its effect on the multiple subscriptions then create a management group.

  • Blueprint Name: Demo-commonpolicy
  • Definition Location: Choose any subscription or management group.

4. Below are the artifacts, You can specify the value here or when you assign the policy. Even you can add new artifacts and delete a few of them if they are not relevant to your scenario.

5. Here, I have specified the parameters for the default tag as below.

  • Tag Name: environment
  • Tag Value: production

6. Here, we can see the two parameters have assigned. Click on Save to save as a draft.

7. The blueprint has created as a draft. Now we need to publish it.


Publish the blueprint

8. Click on the Demo-commonpolicy  and then click on Publish blueprint. Specify the Version and click on Publish. 

Assign to Scope

9. After publishing the blueprint, we have to assign the blueprint to the scope. Click on Assign blueprint. 

10.  Specify Assignment name, select Location and choose Version. We can also choose Lock as per the requirements.


Track the assignment

11.  we can see the blueprint has assigned successfully.

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