13.0 Defender for Endpoint(MDE): Web content filtering

Web content filtering block or allow websites or content based on predefined rules. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint provides such a capability. MDE provides Microsoft-managed web content filtering, which means Microsoft updates a list of URLs based using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Navigate to the MDE portal (security.microsoft.com), navigate to settings ->endpoints->web content filtering->add item.

Providing meaningful name.

These are the blocked categories - adult content, high bandwidth, legal liability, leisure, and uncategorized. We have selected all for this example.

Select the scope, we have deployed this policy for head office devices,

The policy has been created and deployed to the head office device group. It may take an hour to reflect it on the devices.

Let's try to open yahoo mail on one of the devices. We can see the web content filtering is working and blocking the web-based email.


This provides an extra security measure to protect the organizations.

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