Azure Governance - Detect when VM created/modified in your organization

Azure Governance

Governance in Azure got ignored for small organizations or newly cloud-adopted organizations. We should not have to start big, we can start from small things that can be achieved easily. For example, you want to get notified if any resources like a virtual machine, storage account, network, etc. create or any configuration modifies in your production subscription/environment. If you start implementing such small things it will create a mindset to go through the governance process like people think before provisioning resources in Azure. It can be achieved using Azure Monitor. We can create an alert rule against administrative tasks to trigger the alert when the condition meets.

Generate Alert when a virtual machine created

In this example, we configure to trigger the alert when a virtual machine is created or modified. Go to Monitor->Alerts->Create->Alert rule. Then select scopes like an entire subscription or specific resource group. Don't forget to tick 'include all future resources'. On the Condition page, type virtual machine in search by signal name box.

Supply other parameters like actions, details, etc. Once it is configured, you will get the alert in the Azure monitor dashboard as below.

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