Highly Scalable Application : Logic App, Cosmos DB and APIM.

March 05, 2019

In this post, we will create a scalable registration application using Logic App and will store the data into the NoSQL database (Cosmos DB), after that will send...

Azure Resource Graph

February 22, 2019

Azure resource graph is resource exploration service which gives full visibility of the resources among all the subscriptions and management group.

Streamline your environment using Azure Blueprints

February 20, 2019

Azure Blueprint is an Azure service which helps cloud architects to comply with standards and best practices.

Azure Management Group

February 18, 2019

The Azure management group is one more good step towards azure resource governance. It creates a hierarchical structure based on business division...

Azure Policy

February 15, 2019

The azure policy is similar to group policy in Active Directory. If you are Active Directory admin then you can simply correlate it and imagine the importance of it.

Serverless Application’s Architecture and Design

February 05, 2019

Serverless computing is most suited for the organization who was born in the cloud. Much traditional application is not suited for cloud due to several...

Azure API Management Service

January 21, 2019

API Management Service is a Microsoft Azure PaaS service to manage, publish, secure and monitor APIs hosted in Azure API App Service, Azure Kubernetes...

Value Proposition of Azure Application Gateway

September 27, 2018

Application Gateway is Microsoft Azure PaaS service. It uses for Layer 7 level load balancing. It routes the request based on URL, Path, etc. It also comes with...

Azure VM Backup – Recovery Service Vault

July 31, 2017

Why need Azure VM Backup We should have a contingency plan for unplanned and planned downtime for VMs running on Azure. There are many solutions such

Azure File Sync

December 09, 2017

Azure File Sync is a cloud service from Microsoft Azure. It synchronizes your on-premises file server to theAzure File which will give you a flavor of hybrid file...

Azure Resource Manager Template – JSON

July 26, 2017

This topic will be around what is JSON template and how it is going to make your deployment easy and industry standard. Resource Manager template is JSON..

Managing Azure VM using Azure PowerShell

July 22, 2017

PowerShell is a faster and more controlled tool to manage Azure VM than logging into the portal. In this post, we will look for a few commands to manage Azure...

Provision VM using Azure PowerShell

July 17, 2017

Provision VM using Azure PowerShell

Managing Azure Subscription using Azure PowerShell

July 16, 2017

Managing Azure Subscription using Azure PowerShell

Power BI Dashboard for System Center Configuration Manager

July 13, 2017

Power BI Dashboard for System Center Configuration Manager