October 05, 2019

Troubleshooting - Azure Traffic Manager monitoring status is 'degraded' for Azure Application Gateway

Troubleshooting - Azure Traffic Manager monitoring status is 'degraded' for Azure Application Gateway

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        February 06, 2020

Backup Explorer looks great with Azure Lighthouse

Monitor your backups of all customers with Backup Explorer and Azure Lighthouse

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        September 14, 2019

Streamline Your Migration Journey - Azure Migrate

Many organizations want to migrate to the cloud to embrace the tools in the cloud to manage their workload so they can spend more time in optimizing their business process rather than managing IT infrastructure and that also leads them towards reducing IT infrastructure cost. But they afraid to move forward without having expert guidance, sets of rich tools and trusted partner. Now Azure Migrate is here to help.

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        July 15, 2019

Azure Lighthouse: Cross Tenant Management

Azure Lighthouse is a newly announced service by Microsoft Azure. It makes MSP/service provider’s life easier in terms of customer/tenants management and onboarding.

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        March 15, 2019

Traffic Manager, Application Gateway and Web App Integration

In this post, we are not going to focus on step by step guide. Here, we are in a situation where all the components like the web app, application gateway, and traffic manager have already created and we want to integrate all those to achieve routing and high availability. Below are the high-level steps, some of them might have already completed.

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        March 05, 2019

Highly Scalable Application : Logic App, Cosmos DB and APIM.

In this post, we will create a scalable registration application using Logic App and will store the data into the NoSQL database (Cosmos DB), after that will send the email notification. The application will be secure by Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication.

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        February 22, 2019

Azure Resource Graph

Azure resource graph is resource exploration service which gives full visibility of the resources among all the subscriptions and management group. Let’s understand the need for Azure resource graph by an example, suppose we want to know the number of resources of all location among all subscription. Then below Azure CLI command will give the result.

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        February 20, 2019

Streamline your environment using Azure Blueprints

Azure Blueprint is an Azure service which helps cloud architects to comply with standards and best practices.

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        February 18, 2019

Azure Management Group

The Azure management group is one more good step towards azure resource governance. It creates a hierarchical structure based on business division, geographic location, or function which gives more control in applying policy and compliance. It is very helpful in multiple subscriptions environment. It is very similar to the organizational unit (OU) in Microsoft Active Directory. We create OU structure to apply group policy based on the department or based on any other required structure.

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        February 15, 2019

Azure Policy

The azure policy is similar to group policy in Active Directory. If you are Active Directory admin then you can simply correlate it and imagine the importance of it.

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